About 451 Tools

451 Tools is Zamaneh Media’s innovative solution to combat internet censorship. Our WordPress plugin and JavaScript library empower publishers to ensure their content remains accessible to readers, even in the midst of internet shutdowns or website censorship.

Named after the HTTP 451 status code ‘Unavailable for Legal Reasons’, 451 Tools offers a range of features designed to raise awareness about censorship mitigation options and ensure select information remains available to readers at all times. Our WordPress plugin is readily available for easy integration, while our JavaScript library seamlessly caters to other CMS platforms and custom websites.

Unlike other censorship circumvention tools that may be complex and difficult to use, 451 Tools prioritizes the ease and convenience for publishers and readers alike. By placing the power of censorship circumvention in the hands of publishers, our platform eliminates the need for readers to download new apps or learn unfamiliar tools. The plug-and-play nature of 451 Tools streamlines the effort for publishers, allowing them to maintain content accessibility without hassle.

What are the benefits?

  • Keep your content available to your readers despite censorship or internet shutdown
  • Maintain reach within your audience when the news ‘goes dark’

What is the catch?

  • The current implementation of the plug-in is only compatible on WordPress (the JS library can be implemented on any CMS)
  • The very first contact must happen while the user is online or using VPN

What to look forward to?

We are constantly working on improving the technology and making it available to as many publishers as possible. Here are some of the things that are on the horizon:

  • Compatibility with other/custom CMSs
  • A Google fallback page that informs the reader when they search for your (censored) website on Google of ways in which they can find you
  • More customisation of the fallback page

Reach out to us for more

If you are looking for further collaboration with us and want to know more about our efforts to mitigate and circumvent censorship, reach out to us about:

  • Headless set-up
  • Building static websites with large content archives
  • A news syndication service that implements the same technology and allows users to share content using peer-2-peer technology

Who we are

Zamaneh Media is an independent digital media organisation and publisher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With over 17 years of experience in journalism and media production focusing primarily on Iran, we strive to enable access to information and news through our platforms, content and anti-censorship and publisher-centric tech solutions. 
For more information on the technical details of our technology, please visit: https://www.npmjs.com/package/451-tools