WordPress plugin

The Javascript library we developed that provides uninterrupted access to a publisher’s content without the need for VPNs is now wrapped into a WordPress plugin which provides a collection of innovative solutions that can be effortlessly integrated into any website that is using WordPress as its CMS.

The plugin, like the javascript library itself, offers a versatile range of features designed to educate readers about censorship mitigation options and ensure essential information remains accessible at all times. The plug and play nature of the plugin ensures that publishers are not burdened with additional maintenance and design work. 

This plugin can be managed from within the CMS. All customisation from brand colours of the offline dashboard to enabling and disabling available features can be done from within the CMS without the publisher having to leave. Even marking content for offline availability by editors is possible from within.

Available features

Content bundling

With the plugin, publishers can designate specific articles for offline availability within their CMS. This tool intelligently caches these chosen articles/pages on users’ devices, enabling them to access and read the content even offline during internet shutdowns or connectivity issues due to throttling or censorship.


The plugin also offers convenient bookmarking feature that allows readers to save articles for later reading. These bookmarked articles are seamlessly cached by 451 Tools, ensuring they are readily available to readers even when offline. 

Offline fallback page

Redirect users to a customizable dashboard that informs them of their offline status and grants access to curated content bundles and user-bookmarked articles, tailored to match your editorial tone and messaging.The above features are also available for other CMS’s that are not WordPress. There we implement our Javascript library.