Zamaneh Media


Zamaneh Media is an independent Persian language media organisation in exile based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our mission is rooted in the freedom of expression, guiding our democratic pursuit to enable access to uncensored experiences, information and news from the realities in which they take place. Focusing primarily on Iran, its region and diaspora, our team is united through this mission, seeking to amplify the voices and topics less explored.

Censorship Circumvention

In 2020, Zamaneh Media set out to develop an independent voice in the internet freedom community by developing a set of publisher and audience-centric tools that aim to improve the censorship resilience of publishing platforms. The goal for these tools is for publishers to maintain reach among their audiences at times of increased censorship, and for audiences to maintain access to their preferred news platforms.

451 Tools

In 2021, Zamaneh Media took these ideas into production on The website has been available to our returning audiences without the need for a VPN ever since. Zamaneh Media subsequently started to spin off these ideas into a set of tools that can easily be implemented on any website. We call this library and plugin “451 Tools”, after the HTTP 451 status code “Unavailable for Legal Reasons” and the Fahrenheit 451 novel by Ray Bradbury.For further reading on 451 Tools, go to our blog.